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Great article on Wired by Clive Thompson on why Millennials are hated so much.

The real pattern here isn’t any big cultural shift. It’s a much more venerable algo­rithm: How middle-aged folks freak out over niggling cultural differences between themselves and twentysomethings. In the ’50s, senators fretted that comic books would “offer courses in murder, mayhem, [and] robbery” for youth. In the ’80s, parents worried that Dungeons and Dragons would “pollute and destroy our chil­dren’s minds”—and that the Walkman would turn them into antisocial drones. This pattern is as old as the hills. As Chaucer noted in The Canterbury Tales, “Youth and elde are often at debaat.”

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Star Wars and Marvel Twitter accounts had the following exchange on 22 January, 2014:

I don't know much of corporate synergy but I think this is what they were talking about in those business classes I had to take in College.