Myles Braithwaite

Jeff Winger Well he also listens to the Barenaked Ladies, go get their dumb asses to help you.

Everyone, except Jeff, gasps in horror.

Troy Barnes Okay Jeff, you are clearly in a bad space today, but Pierce is our friend, and the Barenaked Ladies are triple platinum, are you?

Jeff Winger Why does everyone leap to defend that band so aggressively and how much stuff do we have to go through this year before my friendship stops being questioned?

Annie Edison Well maybe friendship is about going through a lot of stuff Jeff, and maybe BNL has two Billboard Awards to your zero!

Jeff Winger Oh, okay, they're BNL now? We need a shorthand for the Barenaked Ladies. That's how fundamental they are.

Abed Nadir Fundamental.

Jeff Winger You know what Pierce probably needs more than anything? Some space. Maybe I do too.

Britta Perry yelling angrily You know what? Maybe we all need some space, to pull the knife out of the back of the most celebrated Canadian alt-rock band of the mid 90s, you selfish, jaded, ass!