Myles Braithwaite


Finally I can write Munin plugins in a programming language other than Perl.

This library provides helper classes for writing plugins for the server monitoring tool Munin. It also comes with some prebuilt plugins for various services including PostgreSQL, Memcached, and Nginx.

At Google, if a product becomes successful, will get tons of resources and people thrown at it. Imagine you’re working at Google and you have 20% time. Will you keep spending that time on a boring project that isn’t very cool? No, you will want to join a cool project like Instagram that’s getting love around the world and getting tons of adoption. If the Instagram team were at Google they’d have to deal with tons of emails and folks hanging outside their cubes just to try to participate.

An other reason why 37signals is such a smart company:

So instead of going for the land grab, we created a small island. We priced Draft at $9.99 -- significantly higher than most of the products [on the App Store]. The people who buy Draft know exactly why Draft is valuable to them. And they think $9.99 is a fair price.

Inspired by attempts to make Wine‘s theme match the Human theme in Ubuntu, I tried to write a script to scrape colors from Gnome and apply them to Wine automatically, so the themes match no matter what theme you’re using in Gnome. (Of course it would be best to have actual theme support, but current implementations are uselessly slow. Matching the color scheme is a good start, and might be a useful component of real theme support anyway.)