Myles Braithwaite

With the app, visitors to the Mojave Desert (which stretches between California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona) can take photos of any desert tortoises they happen to encounter. The app adds GPS data to the photo and sends it to researchers at the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program (MDEP) and Desert Managers Group. The information will then be used to track the turtles' movements and habits. The data will also eventually be made public online.

I think this is the first large company (outside Apple) to use the Cocoa framework.

Sony’s Networked Application Platform is a project designed to leverage the open source community to build and evolve the next generation application framework for consumer electronic devices.

The developer program gives access to a developer community and resources like SDK, tools, documentation and other developers.

The foundation upon which this project is base comes from the GNUstep community, whose origin dates back to the OpenStep standard developed by NeXT Computer Inc (now Apple Computer Inc.).  While Apple has continued to update their specification in the form of Cocoa and Mac OS X, the GNUstep branch of the tree has diverged considerably.

This is a quick service announcement on how to find if a directory or file exists in Bash.


# Notice the '-d'
if [ -d ~/.bin-private ]; then
    echo "Your private bin exists."
    echo "Your private bin doesn't exists."

# Notice the '-f'
if [ -f ~/.ssh/config ]; then
    echo "You have configured SSH."
    echo "You haven't configured SSH."

You are welcome.

I converted an old overhead projector into a stand by taking off the projector head and adapted the arm and bracket to have a 1/4 inch camera thread mount. Then I spray painted a plywood board matte black for the imager table surface. Two old desk lamps were mounted next to the table for illumination. I hooked a Canon Powershot camera to a TV for previewing the document imager output using the camera’s NTSC video output. To enable constant focus and brightness during a capture session I used AEL (Auto Exposure Lock) and AFL (Auto Focus Lock) modes. The digital camera was powered off a wall power adapter using a Canon ACK-DC10 AC Adapter Kit.

Members of the Canadian actors’ union ACTRA have been lobbying in Ottawa for certain changes to the bill. Peter Keleghan of 18 to Life and Eric Peterson of Corner Gas both spent the past couple of days meeting with MPs. They believe that consumers are going to share files no matter what the government does. Make it legal, they say, but make the public pay. Their suggestion is that all recordable devices, from MP3 players to USB sticks, carry a levy that will be passed on to artists.

Self Expression Matters

They use Facebook as a utility. They check Facebook when they wake up and check it before they go to bed. But their profile on Facebook looks just like everyone's profile. A Tumblr is self expression. Jessica's looks different than Emily's, mine and the Gotham Gal's. That's powerful. And that is what I think is driving Tumblr's popularity. Self expression matters.