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The Day the Movies Died

So here's what's on tap two summers from now: an adaptation of a comic book. A reboot of an adaptation of a comic book. A sequel to a sequel to an adaptation of a comic book. A sequel to a reboot of an adaptation of a TV show. A sequel to a sequel to a reboot of an adaptation of a comic book. A sequel to a cartoon. A sequel to a sequel to a cartoon. A sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a cartoon. A sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a movie based on a young-adult novel.2 And soon after: Stretch Armstrong. You remember Stretch Armstrong, right? That rubberized doll you could stretch and then stretch again, at least until the sludge inside the doll would dry up and he would become Osteoporosis Armstrong? A toy that offered less narrative interest than bingo?

FreeRDP, a fork of the rdesktop project, is changing to the Apache License from GPL 2.

This new long term goal for the project comes at a price. I do not believe we would be able to reach this goal using a reciprocal software license, or one that is often called viral. A free software license should help a project grow, not stand in its way. No, in order to become a de-facto standard implementation, we must move to permissive licensing that would make the software usable in the largest possible number of licensing scenarios. If we stick to LGPL/GPL, we will be restricting the possible licensing scenarios with permissive licenses, and we will also be imposing strong restrictions for proprietary licensing. How could we possibly aim at becoming a widely accepted de-facto standard implementation if we impose such restrictions?

The Arcade Fire

If you haven't heard by now The Arcade Fire won best album at the Grammys on Sunday night. Personally I didn't watch because really who give a fuck about the Grammys, while it turns out the rest of the world (i.e. people who enjoy entertainers and not musicians) felt the same way about The Arcade Fire. The Arcade Fire is not my favourite band but I would say I am a fan, they were on my last Mixtape Podcast.

Since the 90s music has turned away from... music and into people you find entertaining, Madonna is a perfect example of this. This aggressive change has made anyone who has actually musically talent ether not succeeded, not enter the industry, or change to fit a type (ex Lady Gaga before she became strange). With The Arcade Fire winning an actually mainstream award hopefully we will enter an area where musicians will actually be jugged by their music and not my their stage presence.

The Suburbs

Ready to Start

C# is closing the gap on PHP

The TIOBE Programming Community index, an indicator of the popularity of programming languages, is showing that C# is starting to over take PHP for the fifth spot.

The rise of C# and Python are continuing in 2011. Both languages scored another old-time high this month and are now busy with overtaking PHP.

<span class=TIOBE Programming Community Index for February 2011 data-downloadable="true" >

Drumming up more Internet Addresses

In 1976, Mr. Cerf and his colleagues in the R.& D. office of the Department of Defense had to make a judgment call: how much network address space should they allocate to an experiment connecting computers in an advanced data network?

They debated the question for more than a year. Finally, with a deadline looming, Mr. Cerf decided on a number — 4.3 billion separate network addresses, each one representing a connected device — that seemed to provide more room to grow than his experiment would ever require, far more, in fact, than he could ever imagine needing. And so he was comfortable rejecting the even larger number of addresses that some on his team had argued for.

"It was 1977," Mr. Cerf said, in an interview last week. "We thought we were doing an experiment."

Manu Sporny has released his Genetic Data under a Creative Commons Public Domain License.

Doing that made me realize how quickly we’re narrowing in on some of the most debilitating human diseases. It gave me hope that our children may enjoy a far better quality of healthcare than we do today. Most of all, it gave me hope that we will be able to better help the nurses, doctors and medical researchers as a society – more than with just money, but with our time, expertise and energy. That commit sent chills up my spine – to me, it symbolized a brighter future for all of us.

Update: Someone has forked his Genome and made a number of improvements.