Myles Braithwaite

It’s Python, Not Python 2, Not Python 3!

This whole debate makes newcomers to run away, it's confusing, nonsense and more importantly a bubble, fairy dust, it doesn't exist and it shouldn't be there, It's only the Python and that's it.

If you're on the older version (Python 2 as you say), you're a decade behind, you should have upgraded at 2008.

You wanna say Unicode or print statement or 2to3, or tiny stuff that are deprecated? If you forget to upgrade you hit those too, no surprise.

People used to write blogs. Long blogs. Rambling blogs. Blogs they weren’t sure anyone was reading. There was a LOT of noise. But there were also blogs that had fun stories, long posts about how to do something, analyses of government issues, of cooking techniques, of the Civil War. People used to write stuff other people wanted to read.