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Ben The Bodyguard

Ben The Bodyguard, an iPhone application that will keep you securest safe was just released on the iOS App Store ether this morning or last night. It a pretty cool application that will encrypt your Passwords (web login, bank account, credit card, passport, membership, serial number, and driver's license), Notes, Contacts, and Appointments (really just notifications).

The only real issue I might have with the application in the future is Ben. Similar to Microsoft's Office Assistant, he is really the major mascot of the application. He doesn't get in the way like Clippy, but it might be an issue in the future. But until then Ben The Bodyguard will be on my home screen.

Are Molds Only on the Surface of Food?

No, you only see part of the mold on the surface of food -- gray fur on forgotten bologna, fuzzy green dots on bread, white dust on Cheddar, coin-size velvety circles on fruits, and furry growth on the surface of jellies. When a food shows heavy mold growth, "root" threads have invaded it deeply. In dangerous molds, poisonous substances are often contained in and around these threads. In some cases, toxins may have spread throughout the food.

(via LifeHacker)

An interesting article about how the illegal drugs has moved to the Internet. Using technologies like Bitcoin and TOR you can have an almost anonymous transaction of illegal items. But as Jeff Garzik (a core developer of the Bitcoin project) says:

He explains that because all Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public log, though the identities of all the parties are anonymous, law enforcement could use sophisticated network analysis techniques to parse the transaction flow and track down individual Bitcoin users.

"Attempting major illicit transactions with bitcoin, given existing statistical analysis techniques deployed in the field by law enforcement, is pretty damned dumb," he says.

The Dupont Mural depicting a mathematical formula and an unnamed man in a suite was the latest innocent victim (the city actually commissioned Joel Richardson) of Mayor Rob Ford's war on graffiti.

The colourful scene of faceless men in suits, dollar signs and hearts, funded mostly through donations from local businesses, proved popular enough, he says, that Giambrone’s staff asked him to paint another mural on the south wall, and helped him get a $2,000 commission from the city’s Clean and Beautiful secretariat.

Dupont Murla by Joel Richardson

suitstencil4 by Joel Richardson