Myles Braithwaite

The U.S.S. Zumwalt is basically a floating data center running Linux.

The $3.5 billion ship is designed for stealth, survivability, and firepower, and it's packed with advanced technology. And at the heart of its operations is a virtual data center powered by off-the-shelf server hardware, various flavors of Linux, and over 6 million lines of software code.

Docker is an awesome way to containerise any application running on Linux, but it has some shortfalls. Red Hat’s collaboration with dotCloud the company behind Docker will fix these and allow Docker run on almost any distribution of Linux (including RHEL and it’s derivatives). They will also integrate the technology that underpins the OpenShift PaaS (cartridges) so that the lifecycle of an application runtime can be managed.

PostgreSQL Studio

A web-based PostgreSQL database manager (similar to what PHPMyAdmin does for MySQL). Only major issue is that it requires Java and Apache Tomcat (but it seems to be meant to run on your local computer).