Myles Braithwaite

Apple should fix boring problems in 2017

And amid all of these delays and misses, Bloomberg reports that the Mac team is in trouble, having "lost clout" with Jonathan Ive and the company’s software team—even though Tim Cook promises Apple hasn't forgotten about the Mac. But you don’t need Mark Gurman’s insider sources when you can spot the wreck from the sky. The Mac Pro—the flagship of Apple desktop hardware—hasn’t been updated since 2013 (not even with a faster processor option).

Microsoft, smelling blood in the water, has given up on phones but focused on the future of the laptop and desktop. Its Surface line is not only selling well to the mainstream, it’s experimenting aggressively to score the Photoshopping, Maya-ing, and AutoDesk-ing market, too. After fighting a 10-year losing battle against Apple on almost everything it does, Microsoft is going for the blind spot Apple now takes for granted: the creative class.

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