Myles Braithwaite

FTP’s Bright Sunset and Frozen Night

And when I say over, I don’t mean obsolete. And I certainly don’t mean unused in the present day. Many things still use FTP as a method of transferring files, and providing access to all sorts of material.

But it’s quite obvious this isn’t the way of the future. Companies and individuals that utilize constantly changing data, or data that needs to be distributed, utilize a whole other variety of technologies. Many of these are web-based, while others are special protocols that blow out over the web into devices and phones. If it’s starting up, and it needs to get you some data, it is probably not using FTP. If it is using FTP, it’s probably not telling you it’s using FTP. And people who need to get things done don’t reach out for FTP.

From ASCII by Jason Scott.

If HTTP was how we viewed information FTP was how we gathered and stored information. It was an important technology for the time but sadly some things have to end.

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