Myles Braithwaite

It looks like Chips and Orang-Utans (and humans of course) are not the only primates that pass on knowledge in a social group. A recent study now suggests that Gorillas do infract pass on knowledge in a social group.

Richard Byrne at the University of St Andrews, UK, and colleagues looked at how captive-bred gorillas picked apart stinging nettles to eat them. They noticed that the apes never detached the stinging leaf stalks and reduced their exposure to stings by squeezing nettles together.

This fascinated us because, while wild gorillas in Rwanda also pick apart stinging nettles, they do so by removing stalks and folding, rather than squeezing, the nettles”, says Byrne.

Gorillas by Thomas Widmann

Gorillas by Thomas Widmann.

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