Myles Braithwaite

New Website Design

Ever since I read Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte I wanted to make my website work on browser sizes between 1000 to 300 pixel. I had something which was essentially a hack up for a long time but that was pretty much rubbish. I started using the Less Framework 4 (a CSS framework for creating responsive websites) for Frigga.

Less Framework provides four different layouts: Default, Tablet, Mobile, and Wide Mobile (see examples at the bottom of this post). This is great because about 10% of my traffic comes from people who are using tablets or mobile phones.

Default Layout

Less Framework 4 Default Layout

Tablet Layout

Less Framework 4 Tablet Layout


Less Framework 4 Tablet Layout on an iPad

Mobile Layout

Less Framework 4 Mobile Layout


Less Framework 4 Mobile Layout on an iPhone

Wide Mobile Layout

Less Framework 4 Wide Mobile Layout


Less Framework 4 Wide Mobile Layout on an iPhone
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