Myles Braithwaite

An Email and a Strange UI

An Email from Panic

I signed up for Transmit's Beta and it looks like they had a lot of people signed up and now the Beta program is full. So they sent me an email informing me:

Sorry: the Transmit 4 beta group is full.

Lighthouse strange UI

I started using Lighthouse (a ticket tracker) a few days ago for Asgard, iDelicious, and a few other personal projects (while I wait for a new server to run Jira). Initial thoughts are it a really good, simple, easy to use ticket track. But as you can see from the screenshot below I always forget where the Add new Ticket button is located. I look left under the bar that has a bunch of New actions but I start freaking out because I don't see New ticket, then I remember to look right where their is a prominent button that say Create new ticket.

Where do I add a new Ticket in Lighthouse
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