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Flamingo is Brandon Flowers' (frontman for The Killers) debut solo album released on the 14th September, 2010. One thing I would like to get out in the open is that I am kind of a closet Killers fan, it almost seems "uncool" to like them.

The first time I heard them was on a television show called The O.C. (an american teen drama about a bunch of high school kids in Orange County having way to many problems) I think it was the second session or something (a little bit after their album Hot Fuss which was released in June of 2004). Anyways they sounds was of reminiscent of the time (which was 2004) kind of a mix between mainstream pop and Indie rock but new enough to be consider different. I was in high school at the time and the songs Mr. Brightside and Smile Like You Mean It helped with though stupid teenage angst (mostly about girls (I listened to The Clash for my more against the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq angst)).

Their second album Sam's Town (which I consider their best), released on 2nd October, 2006 was an almost love song about Las Vegas (Sam's Town being a casino they frequent played at (I know that because I saw a really freaking awkward MuchMusic interview with Leah Miller)). Everything about this album seemed almost grown up (maybe because it came out a couple of days after I dropped out of college). That entire winter I would sing When You Were Young every day in the shower. It was voted the most underrated album of the year by the Rolling Stone (and at that time that publication actually meant something).

Sawdust (released on 9th November, 2007) and Day & Age (18 November, 2008) were really terrible (okay Spaceman on Day & Age and Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll were good songs (and their cover of Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet was pretty cool too)). Both albums felt like they were pushed out to keep them relevant (when the next k-os album gets released I will go more in depth about this idea of pushing out an album before it was ready in another blog post, if I forget please email me). But I moved on my then and was a different person. The entire group seems tired (mainly from being on a non-stop tour for the last four years).

Um........ Brandon Flowers new solo album Flamingo. When I bought this album I had an interesting conversation with the girl at HMV. We talked about how we would liked to see both Brandon Flowers and The Killers succeed mainly for the fact is that they seem normal. The one that that MuchMusic interview told me (and by the way she actually remembered it too which was kind of cool) is these guys have the feeling of accidentally famous. I get this feeling that they kind of want to be in the good old days playing in Clubs in Las Vegas. Every song on the album lyrics are almost pop music clichs and you know how I feel about pop music clichs but as Rolling Stone (which isn't really doesn't mean anything anymore) puts it "you'll be too busy singing along to giggle". If anything for me Flamingo brings me back when I was 17-18 just out of school and not quite in college. It wont be my favourite album of 2010 but it is definitely worth in the top twenty.

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