Myles Braithwaite

I don't think I have ever written a review in my life but I just have to say how much I freaking (trying to stop swearing) hate my Sony MDR-NC7 Noise Canceling Headphones.

When I bought this product it was Boxing Day 2009 (if you are not from the Commonwealth Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when stores have everything they couldn't sell on sale) at Yorkdale. I hate malls, but for some screwed up reason the only time I go to malls is on Boxing Day, usually with my Stepmom, Beth, I don't know why I have an issue with crowds and I have a mild form of claustrophobia. But I digress so I am in the Sony Store (or Sony Style they have both) looking to purchase another pair of headphones, I already own a pair of the awesome old faction Bose around-ear headphones (which I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase headphones), for the TTC (the Toronto Subway). So I picked up the Sony equivalent that was about thirty dollars (a lot cheaper than the Bose but if I broke them or some how dropped them it wouldn't be an issue). When I got the the checkout the girl behind the counter suggested that I buy these Noise Canceling Headphones for the same price because they would cancel out the noise of the subway cars, streetcars, and bus. So on her recommendation I bought them.

I didn't expect the Noise Canceling to work that while, I remember that my Dad purchase a pair two years back to listen to his iPod on the airplane. He said they cut out most of that air sounding stuff that you get on airplanes but he could hear the flight attendants and the pilot over the intercom. But when I got onto my first subway ride I could barley hear any music. So I started to turn up the volume; I could feel the bass on my ears but I couldn't hear any music.

If you want really Noise Canceling Headphones I suggest buying a pair of Around Ear Headphones, or those Inner Ear ones (but those have dangers).

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