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Back in February I tweeted "Starting work on #Episteme today."#. A few hours latter I got the following query in an email:

From: Ivan Avery Frey To: Myles Braithwaite Date: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 3:24 PM Subject: What's Episteme???


Episteme is a wiki engine (more of a wiki library) I am currently working on (I have actually been working on it for the last two years). It was originally a fork of Yaki (which powers The Tao of Mac), then was powered by CouchDB, and now is a fork of Hatta (not so much as a fork because I am still going to be using Hatta's WikiStorage module).

So why am I working on yet-another-wiki-engine?

  • I like flat files (easy to backup using rsync).
  • I think that Relation databases (like MySQL and PostgreSQL) were not design for wiki documents.
  • I like storing the documents in a Revision Control System so I can edit them in a text editor.
  • I like being able to search.
  • I don't ware the same cloths every day why should I have to use the same markup language.

This is an example of a wiki document:

Title: Python
Tags: python, programming
Content-Type: text/x-wiki

**Python** is a dynamic programming language.

== Resources

* [[|Tips on using python's datetime module]]
* [[|Dive into Python]]

I am using RFC822 (similar to an email) for meta information (title, tags, markup, date, author, etc).

Episteme will always be a work in progress and many never be released.

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