Myles Braithwaite

I ordered a second Linode (a 360) on the weekend for some PHP applications (Fever and DokuWiki). I have been with many VPS services and Linode is by far the best you can buy (shared host I will have to say Nearly Free Speech). It is hosted in the same data centre (Newark, NJ) so I have an internal IP address connecting both of them. I am running Nagios and Munin on both computers (Panda is monitoring Fox and Fox is monitoring Panda) that way if one goes down the other will notify me.

I also moved my Wiki from DokuWiki to Hatta. Hatta is a really simple wiki engine written in Python that use Mercurial for storage. Which means I just have to clone a repository to edit a page (you can clone the my draft wiki or my published wiki). I am going to miss some of the more powerful features of DokuWiki so I have started working on my own wiki engine called Episteme.

Episteme will have some of my favorite feature of DokuWiki, Hatta, Confluence, and Yaki.

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