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Tornado at PyGTA

Last night at PyGTA, Mike gave a short talk/demo about his findings using Tornado and CouchDB to write a real time chat and voting application for his PyCon talk.

Tornado is a lightweight non-blocking web server created by FriendFeed and Open Source by Facebook. The API is similar to and App Engine's webapp framework. Mike's ending comments was that Tornado can out perform Twisted. But he found he had to write a lot of code to do things that were built into Twisted (or any other modern web framework) already.

His thoughts on CouchDB:

I'm really beginning to regret the choice of CouchDB for the back-end. It's working perfectly well, but I have literally dozens of pieces of code hanging around for doing SQL-based paging… none of which are applicable to CouchDB.

Referenced: Things I'd like to play with (given enough time)

This website (and a few other sites I manage) will be moving from Apache 2 and WSGI to Tornado and Nginx #. It will still be built on top of Django thought so most of the issues Mike was talking about wouldn't apply to me.

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