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This was my presentation at the October's GTALUG meeting. You can view it on Slide Share and as a PDF.

So you want a personal website?

So you want a personal website?

What do you want to do with your website?

What do you want to do with your website?

This is the first question you want to ask yourself, What do I want to do with my website? What is the main subject.

Single Purpose Web Sites

Single Purpose Web Sites

One purpose idea.
The idea behind a single purpose website is one idea.

Take as an example the only purpose for this website is to show the current day of the week.

Here is another example

Requirements for a Single Purpose website.

Their is minimal requirements to run a Single Purpose Website. You will need basic knowledge of HTML (or any WYSIWYG application like and almost any free web host.

Journal (or Blog)
Content that is updated on a regular bases

A Journal or Blog is has content that is updated on a regular bases. is an example of this.

The famous is an example of content that is updated on a daily bases.

Example of Blog software.

Their are many Open Source blogging software avaliable on the web.

  • WordPress is kind of the industry standard blogging software. The also have a hosted version on
  • Movable Type is probably my favorite, it generates static HTML files for the blog posts. But the administration interface it a blotted Perl and PHP thing that uses a lot of processing power.
  • PyBlosxom is a Python based blogging software that uses CGI.
Requirments for most blogging software

To run most blogging software you will require a dynamic language and a database (jekyll only requires it on your workstation). One nice thing is that most blogging software have large communities for support and extensions and are well documented.


Be ware of blogging software that allows for large customisations, like WordPress each plugin could double the amount of queries run on your database.

Articles or Documents
Articles or Documents

These can be Technical documents, white papers, agenda items, meeting notes, etc. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a sutable software is that searching is extremly important.

Design Explorations by 37signals
  • MediaWiki is a wiki software used by Wikipedia.
  • DokuWiki is a flat file wiki software.
Non-wiki based Document Systems.

If you are looking for something non-wiki-based take a look at Plone and Alfresco.

Should I host my website…?

Now that you found a suitable software you should figure out where to host your website.

Home Server
Bell Sucks
Rogers Sucks
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Free Dynamic <span class=DNS Providers data-downloadable=”true” >
Shared Web Hosting

NearlyFreeSpeech is awsome.

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