Myles Braithwaite

A Django Intranet

29th April 2011 I have started working on a CRM application called Frigga

At work I started developing a intranet, nothing to complicated just an address book, microblog, timesheet, and forum. I knew from the beginning of development I wanted to release the final project open source. But it was developed in the monolithic approach (one project for multiple ideas) so instead I am releasing one sentence ideas:

  • django-blogs: A multi-person blog similar to MovableType.
  • django-bugle: A microblog. (This isn't my originally code I forked it off Simon Willson's Bugle Project and made it a more portable application).
  • django-calendar: This is a fork of my Asgard Calendar.
  • django-contacts: An address book application we are using to keep track of employee contact information.
  • django-forums: A Django Forum application.
  • django-issues: An issue tracker.
  • django-projects: An internal project tracker.
  • django-timecard: A timesheet without projects or issues.
  • django-timesheet: A timesheet for projects, tasks, and issues.
  • django-voting: An Apache Style voting application.

I still have to release django-voting, django-projects, django-forums, django-calendar, django-bugle, and django-blogs which will probably be some time next week and I also want to do a Pinax style release at the end of the month.

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