Written on 7th June, 2011 in Google, Apple, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X, Remember the Milk, Microsoft, Dropbox, Readablity, Instapaper, iCloud, and RIM.

People on Twitter keep posting that Apple essential copied everything from Android in their new iOS 5. While they went further than that:


Apple’s new iCloud (formally MobileMe (formally .Mac (formally iTools))) service copies one of my favourite features of the now dead Microsoft Kin (what Microsoft did after they bought Danger the maker of the popular Hiptop/Sidekick) when you take a picture that picture is automagically uploaded to Apple’s iCloud service.


When editing a document in the iWork suite (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) your document will be uploaded to their iCloud service to be easily accessed from any of your iDevices. Also AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion is basically a Peer-to-Peer file share that will allow you to share entire folders between multiple computers and users.


The notification system.


iMessage is a blatant copy of BlackBerry Messenger.

Remember the Milk

iOS 5 will include a new application called Reminders for tasks. One cool feature will you will be able to setup a Location Reminder for when you arrive or leave a location. Apple has never been able to do tasks while, iCal has probably the worst task management of any system ever developed (it’s also the worst calendar management system ever developed).

Readablity and Instapaper

Safari will have a feature called Reading List where you will be able to save unread Web site that will sync between your iDevices. iOS 5 Safari will also have the same feature as Safari for the Mac where with a click of a button you will get an easier to display version of the website.

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Scoble has an intresting article on why MySpace lost the social networking market to Facebook was largly due to their choice of using Microsoft based technologies and the fact they were in a location that didn’t have a large amount of programmers.

The problem was, as Myspace started losing to Facebook, they knew they needed to make major changes. But they didn’t have the programming talent to really make huge changes and the infrastructure they bet on made it both tougher to change, because it isn’t set up to do the scale of 100 million users it needed to, and tougher to hire really great entrepreneurial programmers who could rebuild the site to do interesting stuff.

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Interesting article about the similarities between Microsoft’s 1986 IPO and Facebook’s 2011 IPO both headed by Goldman Sachs. John Stewart had a good rant on last nights The Daily Show about [Glodman buying Facebook shares to by pass the SEC](http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart/full-episodes/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart

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I have never understood why people insist that Apple is becoming Microsoft because of the App Store and MobileMe. Microsoft never had an application store1 or a cloud services. Actually I would say that Microsoft Windows is less proprietary (you can install on what ever hardware you please) than Apple’s Mac OS X (which you can only install on Apple’s hardware). Apple is by far more evil than Microsoft.

  1. I actually think that if Microsoft had a Windows App Store new users wouldn’t download so many Freeware applications that are actually viruses. 

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At Google, if a product becomes successful, will get tons of resources and people thrown at it. Imagine you’re working at Google and you have 20% time. Will you keep spending that time on a boring project that isn’t very cool? No, you will want to join a cool project like Instagram that’s getting love around the world and getting tons of adoption. If the Instagram team were at Google they’d have to deal with tons of emails and folks hanging outside their cubes just to try to participate.